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LPG Fire Ltd has been established in the UK for over 11 years. The company is located in Buckingham, occupying over 9000 sq ft of office, workshop and warehouse space.


Fire Suppression and Gas Extinguishing SystemsFire Suppression and Gas Extinguishing Systems

LPG Fire is wholly owned subsidiary of LPG Tecnicas en Extincion de Incendios - a Spanish company situated in Barcelona and Madrid. LPG Tecnicas is the market leader for Fire Suppression Products in Spain based on the company’s engineering ability to encompass advanced technology and adopt intensive quality procedures.

LPG Fire researches, designs, manufactures and sells a great variety of fire extinguishing systems predominantly those systems based on gaseous and aqueous agents.



   Synthetic Agents

   (Clean Agents)


   ►Novec 1230

   ►HFC 125






Inert Gases

►IG55 Argon Nitrogen

►IG541 Argon

    Nitrogen & Carbon


►IG100 Nitrogen

►IG01 Argon



Water mist

►High Pressure

►Low pressure




CO2 systems



►High and Low


►Weight monitoring




Other Specialised Fire Suppression Systems

LPG Fire is proud to have the widest portfolio of Fire Suppression products available in the market. This advantage allows LPG to offer its customers the most appropriate and complete solutions for any application in the field of fire suppression and extinguishing.

LPG Tecnicas operates in over 40 countries worldwide and is fast becoming a world leader within the fire protection industry.  The success and development of LPG is based on very clear aims which remain paramount to the development of the company:


    • •    Research and development of new products and systems in accordance with the
    •      most demanding international standards.
  • •    Development of own innovating manufacturing technology and at the same time
  •      environmentally friendly.
  • •    Implementation of exhaustive Quality Control with our suppliers, internal process and end
  •      products.
  • •    Continuous training of human resources with the purpose of obtaining highly qualified
  •      staff.

LPG has been certified on quality standard ISO 9001 by TüV and ISO 9002 by LPCB and the majority of products third part accredited by at least one of the leading test houses. These include LPCB,  FM, UL, VdS,  CNPP and VNIIPO.


Fire Suppression Systems, Inert Gas, Synthetic Gas, Watermist, Hypoxic Air, CO2, FM200, IG01, IG55, Aquafog, Prevanex


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LPG FIRE LIMITED, Unit 5 to 7, Top Angel, Buckingham Industrial Park, Buckingham, Bucks MK18 1TH, UK

Tel:  01280 821229, Fax: 01280 821239, Email Us

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